Zakotani was formed out of the need to take care of animals and the love for subtle beautifying of the space that surrounds us. We decided to use our skills in order to create inimitable products which will give our pets comfortable place for rest, serene lazing and peaceful sleep. Also they would become an interesting decorative element of a room in which you live.

Animals make our lives fuller, they bring us many positive emotions and they enable us to see the surrounding world in a better way. They fully deserve our thankfulness, respect and proper reatment. Having that in mind we have created the products of Zakotani brand. Our products are hand made. Therefore unique, slightly different from each others, but retaining the common features of each type. Along with a bedding, a cave, a bowl, a polar fleece or a rug you receive our involvement, joy of creation and considerable effort. The value of a hand made product consists in these elements, among other things. 

WARNING: Zakotani products have been tested by animals! 

What’s more – we have observed that our Quality Controllers suffer from progressive addiction to the performance of the ordered task :) When purchasing a product in our store you accept that your pet will have similar symptoms.

Each of the presented products is made-to-order and its dimensions can be perfectly adjusted to the needs. In case you wanted to buy products of other sizes than those offered in the store, please contact: 


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